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Northeastern Appraisal Commercial combines nearly a half-century of experience with modern appraisal techniques and resources. We have a deep knowledge of market values, but we also understand there’s a greater purpose for every commercial appraisal. Our team works to deliver accurate, objective information suited to your unique needs.

Our Services

At NEAC, we offer a variety of commercial real estate appraisals and consulting services.


We have extensive experience conducting commercial real estate appraisals on behalf of financial institutions, municipalities, and private clients. Learn more about the types of properties we appraise.


Our market rent studies consider current trends and similar properties to determine the appropriate price-point for your rental property.


Our team has a proven track record working with developers and investors to evaluate a commercial real estate project’s feasibility.


Bring in our MAI-designated appraiser to provide expert testimony for litigation and business valuation court disputes.

Why choose us

Whether you routinely request commercial appraisals or are new to the process, you need a professional you can trust. Numerous factors determine a property’s value – and how information is researched and interpreted can impact the result. At NEAC, we’ve fine-tuned our process to go above and beyond common industry practices.

Accurate Data


Over the years, we’ve developed a robust database of sale and rental comparables. Unlike at other companies, this data is freely shared among our team so each appraiser can write a report using the most in-depth, updated information possible.

Dedicated Research

Dedicated research

Our appraisers take pride in doing their own research rather than passing on the task to an assistant or external resource. By taking this focused approach, we can use our intuition and experience to identify a misvalued comparable that could otherwise skew the valuation.

Swift Turnarounds

Swift turnarounds

We respect the time-sensitive nature of commercial appraisal requests, and strive to meet – or exceed – our client’s deadlines. Our responsive process is a product of our organization, attentive review process, and powerful database.

Our company

There’s more to NEAC than the services we offer.

Learn more about our history, team, and values.

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